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Dr. Rimaletta Ray has also authored ten books on the inspirational Auto-Suggestive Psychology of self-creation, self- installation, and self-realization in life. Dr. Ray presents the matrix of self-formation in her very popular books. These are the republished books:

a)“I Am Free to Be the Best of Me!” / Book Whip, 2019

b) “Soul Refining” / Book Whip, 2019

c) “Living Intelligence or the Art of Becoming!” / Book Whip, 2019

d) “Self-Taming!” / Book Whip, 2019

e) “Beyond the Terrestrial!” / Book Whip, 2019

f) “Language Intelligence or the Art of Becoming!” / Stonewall Press, 2019

g) The up-coming book - “The State of Love from the Above!” / Book Whip, 2019

Here’s the link to the Video:

To be Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally-Fit, Change Your Spiritual Outfit!

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