The Greatest Art of All is to Self-Install!
Inspirational Psychology for Self-Ecology!

Do not Be Life-Negligent; Be Life-Intelligent! Action-Taking is Life in Making!

The new times need new exponentially-developing minds!

So, as a scientist, Dr. Ray embraces two venues of expertise- Language and Psychology .Therefore, this website presents the books, published by Dr. Ray in:

  • 1.  Language Intelligence formation

  • 2.  Living Intelligence creation ( Self-Resurrection )

Dr. Ray has been broadening the intellectual horizons of her students in the University of Connecticut and the Norwalk Community College in the USA for 24 years. She enjoys a deep respect and appreciation of her students for the most innovative and inspirational methods of language teaching, very informative brain talks, and the amazing results, demonstrated by her students in their personal growth.

Dr. Ray is an advocate of the inspirational Auto-Suggestive Psychology that she considers to be pivotal for a personality formation. She believes that education is inseparable with inspiration and that a new field of knowledge, called the Science of Life needs to be taught in our schools and colleges developing the students' indispensable Life Skills, featured in her book "Living Intelligence or the Art of Becoming!" (see section Books)

Dr. Ray considers auto-suggestibility to be the onto-genesis of self-formation, and she suggests instilling the inspirational life skills, essential for all of us, with the help of the rhyming inspirational boosters and mind-sets (authoritative mind commands) that are psychologically-charged and that prove to be more persuasive and inductive than just affirmations, quotes, or other uplifting techniques.

Self-induction helps aware attention be paid to SELF-INSTALLATION in life at the amazing time of our fast-blowing Technological Gust.

We are happy to have you as a participant in our scientifically-proven workshop on the remedial work on Self- Creation, Self-Installation, and Self-Realization!


Our mind-set is:

To Be Physically, Emotionally,and Mentally
Alive, change the Spiritual Quality of your Life!

Self-Evolution is the Solution!

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